No big production.

Whew! Made it. Crawling across the finish line. Been a bumpy week. If I haven’t quite managed to wrestle this week’s song into submission, at least it’s a draw. God knows, I wrastled.

Was going to send it out into orbit earlier today until I got a call from my son’s school and spent a few hours in emergency with him. Nothing to worry about. He’s a teenager so I have one of those cards and since this is his tenth visit, it’s free. Did put a bit of a crimp in my plans to add more instruments and rethink the song.

Perhaps it’s for the best. Part of the directive from Mr. Irving included the suggestion that you break out of your comfort zone. For me, that meant not over-producing the song. I like the production aspect of song-writing – it’s like being in the darkroom after taking a photo. There’s still a lot of room to play around. Of course it could just be that I hate to declare a song finished, so it’s a way of prolonging the release of it. Either way, this is the least-produced tune I have sent out in the world so far this challenge.

But first, about the content. Originally it was a little ruder, sparked by a Roseanne Carter Cash remark about a song she was about to play “If this don’t put the c&%t back in country, nothing will.”

My song has been taught some manners and is considerably more housebroken since then, but the intention still remains. Metaphorically, all you city folk need some good country lovin’.

Oh, and big thanks the Braeden Mitchell for his voice and support. Cheers mate.

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